KeeFox 0.6 released

KeeFox 0.6 is ready. I’d still consider it alpha quality but would be interested to hear any success (or failure) stories so that a relatively stable and complete beta version can be released (in maybe a few months). The install process should be quick enough for you to have a quick play with it but (of course) make sure you have a backup of your KeePass database before you begin.

If you have installed previous versions of the KeeFox XPI or the KeeICE KeePass plugin please remove them first and make sure you are running KeePass 2.07 (although if you do not have KeePass installed yet, KeeFox will do that for you).

I do not advise trusting this software with your important passwords. I know of no way that data could be lost or exposed but it is simply not mature enough for me to guarantee that there will be no problems. So keep backups of everything and don’t let anything too sensitive near it just in case.

Download the 0.6 XPI

A list of recent improvements is available in the full release notes.

For the next version I hope to have 95% of the essential functionality complete so that KeeFox can start being used every day. So most (if not all) of these features should be complete in 0.7:

  • Multiple password fields in one form (e.g. password and PIN)
  • Multiple page login procedures
  • Custom form field support, e.g. “use HTTPS login” checkbox
  • Add passwords to a specific group
  • HTTP authentication dialog box support