New website

I have migrated my Joomla website to WordPress 3.0, using a standard theme becuase I do not currently have time to spend migrating the previous theme to WordPress.

The actual migration process was simple due to the relatively small amount of content on the website: in most cases I just copied and pasted from the old website and set the publish dates and permalinks to match the original Joomla system.

The previous announcement of a “new website” is below for posterity.

Screenshot of this website on 5th August 2008I thought it was about time that I replaced my personal website from last century so I’ve played around with some interesting new software and techniques and come up with something a bit more suited to this millennium.

I hope that I’ve managed to make the best of the limitations of the CMS I’m using in order to come up with a user-friendly way of interacting with the site but there are a lot of things I’ve not had time to get perfect yet. I’ve made a separate post about some of the technologies behind this new site so please feel free to leave a comment or contact me in a more traditional* way if you have any suggestions about how the technical aspects of the site could be improved in the future. No doubt I’ll tweak things along the way but I’ll probably be putting most of my IT-related spare time into KeeFox for the next year or so.

I hope that you should be able to navigate the content here in the usual manner, via tags, related content links and the super crumbtrail (menu) above.

*Yes, I mean an e-mail contact form, not a wax-sealed telegram (though try that if you really want…).