Note: This page is not about ARKive.

This page outlines a selection of older projects, which I no longer maintain for a variety of reasons.

Musites was a search engine to find websites about music artists on the (relatively) early web. It may still be online now but see will die. screenshot

[previously called “Ace Aero Area”]

This was a fan website about Aerosmith. There’s nothing much special about it by todays standards and I (inevitably) cringe when looking at some of my design decisions (Flash for the main navigation?!).

My personal website went through a couple of iterations over the years and you can still find this very website through the old URLs but it’s really rather different now. I’d like to say that my first ever website (pre-dating is no longer online but unfortunately it appears that it will persist on a free web host forever. If you look hard enough you could find it but you might need to ask me for a few clues to point you in the right direction – bribe me with cake and I might oblige.

A little project I had to do as part of my university course. It teaches people about a small selection of common legal drugs. I had help from a medical student so the content is* pretty accurate and it met all the goals of the course.

The site is now only available through services like the internet archive

* Well, it was back then, but I wouldn’t rely on it since there are much better sources for this information that get updated as new discoveries are made and best practice reviewed.