KeeFox 0.5 released

KeeFox 0.5 is ready. It is still not a finished product but in some cases you will be able to install the Firefox add-on and successfully step through the setup process. If you do that, you should see the basic functionality working fairly well (saving and loading passwords via Firefox).

I would not (and indeed do not) yet trust this software with my important passwords. I know of no way that data could be lost or exposed but it is simply not mature enough for me to guarantee that there will be no problems. So keep backups of everything and don’t let anything too sensitive near it just in case.

Go to the KeeFox website to find a link to the firefox addon and the full details of this release.

The source code is in the subversion (SVN) code repository at

Over the next couple of months I hope to do the following, leading to a 0.6 release which is suitable for wider testing among existing KeePass users.

  • Add all configurable options to the options panel
  • Make KeeFox understand KeePass groups
  • Provide a way to log in to websites by clicking on a password entry in a Firefox toolbar button dropdown
  • Support a wider array of login forms (maybe dynamically generated forms or forms with multiple password fields)
  • Add all other outstanding tasks to a public task tracker

I have postponed the integration with other areas of Firefox (such as the address bar or bookmarks) but still hope to achieve something in this area before the version 1.0 release. If you think you can help with this task, please