KeeFox task list


Please see for an up to date task list.

All dates are just an early estimation and I won’t be making any effort to treat them as deadlines but I hope they are vaguely realistic. Task assignments to particular versions are just a prediction of where I currently think a feature could fit into the project development timeline but again, it’s all subject to change as the project develops.

ongoing tasks

  • Review of code to reduce memory leaks and improve performance
  • Development of thorough self-test routines
  • Locale development (translation of user interface to other languages)
  • Peer-review of code to highlight security issues
  • icon. fox + padlock? copyright issues if too similar to firefox or KP?

0.1 [August W4]

  • FF LoginManagerStorage implementation (maybe missing some parts like entry deletion or http realm logins) [2008-10-05: done then cancelled]
  • prompt for DB open as required [2008-10-05: done]

0.2 [September W3]

  • handle keepass start and close events in FF (how to tell difference between KP not running and not-installed? ICE runtimes?) [2008-10-05: partially done]
  • complete LoginManagerStorage impl. if required (what happens with “clear passwords” integration?!, etc.) [2008-10-05: cancelled]

0.3 [October W3]

  • Improved LoginManager (ILM) [2008-10-05: moved from 0.4]
  • ILM: replicate built in login manager (extend existing JS code) [2008-10-05: moved from 0.4]
  • ILM: handle disabling/enabling built in login manager – options + (un)install [2008-10-05: moved from 0.4]

0.4 [November W4]

  • Allow choice between standard and ILM? [2008-10-05: cancelled]
  • Make sure passwords don’t get corrupt when swapping between LMs [2008-10-05: cancelled]
  • Clean LM swaps (data migrations if necessary) [2008-10-05: cancelled]
  • match multiple domains for one KP entry (e.g. hotmail,
  • Cleanly manage “new user” experience in terms of downloading keepass and setting up new database [2008-10-05: partialy done; moved from 0.3]
  • Deal with non-installed pre-requisites (e.g. KeePass v2) [2008-10-05: partially done; moved from 0.3]
  • Package/release system (XPI?) [2008-10-05: planned and mostly done; moved from 0.3]
  • test binary / installation process on seperate machine

0.5 [December W4]

  • XUL locale support [2008-10-05: moved from 0.3]
  • FF based options control system
  • configurable default database and group
  • Folders/groups – probably through integration with KP Groups and Firefox places (FFP)
  • FFP: tie places URL to KP URL
  • FFP: custom places view? used to render a “quick login” drop down menu system
  • publish first binary version

0.6-0.7 [January/February]

  • integration with some other plugins. e.g. Nexus’s Firefox to KeePass
  • FFP: integrate with location bar drop down list, history and bookmarks folder (option to log in straight from there)
  • FFP: options to show/hide links without logins in main drop down system
  • configurable custom-data location
  • ILM: support for deleting passwords, etc.
  • ILM: auto-submit
  • ILM: modal box option [2008-10-05: may not be done before version 1.0]
  • ILM: in-page pop-over login option
  • ILM: default auto-submit selection, with hot-key over-ride
  • (beta 1?)

0.8 – 1.0 [March – July 2009]

  • ILM: allow option to not require master password for everything [2008-10-05: moved from 0.4; may not be done before version 1.0]
  • ILM: Support for custom fields (e.g. radio buttons, checkboxes, PIN numbers, etc.)
  • Save after first registration functionality (ILM only?)
  • track how many times logins used (FFP: show popular sites, order by frequency, hide infrequently used etc.)
  • User-identified “essential improvements”
  • thorough bug testing
  • user documentation
  • user help,tooltips,wizzards,etc.
  • notices, etc. in appropriate places in main firefox UI so user knows KeePass is storing passwords
  • (beta 2, RCs?)


  • Identities (inc. openID?)
  • KeePass v1 support

Maybe TODO

  • Force KeeICE to only communicate with KeeFox
  • SSL encrypt ICE communication channel (store private key in KP DB?)
  • OpenID: Haven’t given this enough thought but maybe some integration of openID features could be good.