KeeFox 0.1 source code released

I’m pleased to announce that version 0.1 of KeeFox has now been released. The version number gives you a clue but just to be explicit, this is not suitable for end users and is probably not even suitable for any but the most intrigued developers.

This version demonstrates many of the functions and technologies that will be used as we develop the project further but it’s not much to look at yet.
It may be useful for:

  • developers that are keen to learn more about how KeeFox will be architected
  • developers that would like to help understand KeeFox in order to help me get it past version 0.1 and on the road to a beta release early next year.
  • developers that are interested in seeing how a Firefox C++ XPCOM extension can be built using Visual Studio 2008
  • developers with a particular interest in the Firefox 3 nsILoginManagerStorage interface
  • people who think attempting to compile visual studio projects is even more fun than eating cake

Compilation requirements and guidelines are on the sourceforge KeeFox project site