KeeFox 0.2 source code released

KeeFox 0.2 has been released.

I was just about to get stuck into writing the actual code that will handle reading and writing passwords from KeePass to/from Firefox but thought it might be a good time to take a new source code snapshot and call it version 0.2 so the code is now available from the KeeFox sourceforge project website

I’ve also updated the roadmap at KeeFox task list

There’s still nothing much to look at from an end-user perspective and I’ve now abandoned the idea of integrating directly with the existing Firefox 3 login manager becuase it is not completely suitable (see Who will implement nsILoginManagerStorage? for a more in depth reason).

I think I’ve identified a pretty workable installation process which should get new users up and running with minimal fuss – I’ve done enough work on this so I can be confident it will work but there are still a few missing links that I will fill in over the coming months.

As with 0.1, I’ve not really tested the compiled application at all so I would recommend restricting yourself to just reading the source code (and maybe attempting a compilation) for a little while longer.

The code may be useful for:

  • developers that are keen to learn more about how KeeFox will be architected
  • developers that would like to help understand KeeFox in order to help me get it on the road to a beta release early next year
  • developers that are interested in seeing how a Firefox C++ XPCOM extension can be built using Visual Studio 2008
  • developers with a particular interest in an ICE IPC example
  • developers looking for ideas about how to integrate third party software with Firefox

Compilation requirements and guidelines are on the sourceforge KeeFox project site